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Building the foundations to quickly scale your business

About this event

Scaling a business is an exciting prospect, but it can also be very challenging.

On the one hand, there’s great potential for success. At the same time, lots of new changes are taking place. If you’re not careful, some risk hampering - even derailing - your business, even if it’s in a strong and healthy place.

Both PayFit and Pleo have gone from start-up to scale-up, raising funding and everything else in between. While earlier in their journey, Quantico is already working with some of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK. 

Together, we’ll be sharing our insights at our next webinar. We’ve invited our friends from Seedcamp to help us talk about the challenges that come with scaling a business and the growing pains companies may experience along the way.

Join Nick, Sara, Dan and Natasha on the 15th of February to learn about:

  • The common challenges faced when scaling a business and the tools you can use to solve these
  • How to set up the right finance, HR and payroll processes to handle growth
  • Our top tips for scaling and when to bring in benefits and rewards to support a growing team
  • How to develop a simple and straightforward onboarding process for new employees

About Pleo:

Pleo is the go-to expense management and invoice payments solution for forward-thinking teams in Europe.

Imagine all of your expense reporting covered. Issue Pleo’s smart virtual and physical company cards to your team. Your people can buy what they need while we sort the paperwork. Get a real-time overview on all spending. Track and pay invoices with ease.

One spending solution, 20,000+ happy companies.

About Quantico:

Quantico was set up to solve a problem that many small and medium-sized businesses face: finance and accounting. Sadly, accounting firms simply aren't set up to deal with rapidly growing businesses. Quantico's mission is to build for the future, drive change and reinvent the finance team.

About PayFit:

PayFit is a cloud-based payroll software that gives you the visibility and automation you need to easily manage your payroll, with dedicated support from payroll experts.

With many businesses often choosing between in-house or outsourced payroll, PayFit offers a hybrid alternative. By providing the best of both worlds — e.g. the control and visibility of in-house and the expertise and specialism associated with outsourcing — you can enjoy the best payroll experience possible.

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  • Guest speaker
    Natasha Lytton Head of Brand, Network & Portfolio @ Seedcamp

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    Nick Miller

  • Guest speaker
    Sara Brooks VP of Sales @ Pleo

  • Guest speaker
    Sam Wilkinson FinOps Leader @ Quantico Financial


An integrated payroll and HR management software

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PayFit is a cloud-based software provider that looks to automate payroll and HR tasks for startups and SMEs.