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Navigating a New Era of Flexible Work for the People Function

About this event

When it comes to flexible working, how does your company stack up?

Are you leading the charge and embracing flexibility as part of your culture? Or are you lagging behind, struggling to meet the diverse needs of your workforce?

On April 6th, making a flexible working request becomes a day-one right for employees. This people-first legislation move is set to shake things up in a big way for UK businesses, especially for those who aren’t ready to accommodate these new changes.

Watch this webinar to learn what your team can do to prepare. You’ll hear from three leading HR Ops experts, each with a unique perspective on the current state of flexible working policies here in the UK.

They also break down the findings from PayFit’s latest whitepaper on this topic, which explores the thoughts and sentiments of over 2000 UK employees.

On the agenda:

  • An examination of the state of flexible working today in the UK
  • Exclusive insights into what employees really want from flexible working from our 2024 UK-wide survey
  • The cost of not closing the flexible working policy gap in your company

Learn what your business needs to do to get flexibility right and how to drastically improve your employee-employer relations.

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Fiona Mason Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) @ RDT

  • Guest speaker
    Luke O'Mahoney Founder @ SapienX

  • Team member
    Henriette Rice HR Business Partner @ PayFit


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