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How to Budget for Business Travel in 2022

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How to budget for Business Travel in 2022

We all know that business travel has taken a plummeting fall in the last two years, and for an understandable reason. But moving away from the numbers, there are other probably more significant changes in the world of business travel. Definitions, purpose, human connection, and budgets - we're asking the important questions in contrast to stating the obvious and repeating what we've all been hearing for the last year.

Join Payhawk Co-founder and CEO Hristo Borisov and Travelperk´s CCO JC Taunay Bucalo in a chat about:

  • What does business travel mean today, when and why will it be necessary in the future.
  • Best Practices and why every company should reassess how they do travel and expenses.
  • Planning a travel budget for 2022 and how it's completely different from what we're used to.
  • and more

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Hristo Borisov CEO @ Payhawk

    Hristo Borisov is the Co-founder and CEO of Payhawk – a fast-growing European fintech company. He is on a mission to change the face of payments with a paperless company card that automates expenses in a compliant and efficient manner from swipe to books.

  • Guest speaker
    J C Taunay-Bucalo CCO @ TravelPerk

    Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo is an industry expert with over 10 years within the Cloud Computing / SaaS industry. Currently Chief Commercial Officer for TravelPerk. He is on a mission to change Business Travel and make it simple, friendly and beautiful.


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