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Aftermarket – the way to profitability!

About this event

How are you managing your aftermarket?

Aftermarket is an area that has potential to impact the bottom line for organizations. Join this webinar where PDSVISION PLM and aftermarket expert, Martin Toreskog, will guide and show you how your organization can generate value from aftermarket solutions.

In the webinar, Martin will present the aftermarket platform Signifikant and how information is managed and shared. He will give an overview of how data can be defined in PLM, ERP, or in Signifikant Manager and transferred and presented in the Signifikant platform with a simple but effective user interface. Furthermore, you will be presented with some interesting customer cases where Signifikant has been implemented.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for people working within the aftermarket segment. Example:

  • Aftermarket Managers and teams
  • People working with spare and wear parts catalogues
  • etc.

Why participate, what value will you gain?

Learn how product lifecycle management relates to aftermarket and how it is possible to generate value to the organization with the same foundation of data. Get insights in how to:

  • build and maintain an aftermarket portal that can provide customers, re-sellers, service providers and internal staff with up-to-date spare part information, documentation, and more
  • effectively orchestrate data, resources as well as processes to drive quality
  • generate speed through the development process and keep costs down
  • get started with Signifikant

Host: Martin Toreskog, PLM/SLM consultant – PDSVISION

Martin Toreskog is one of our Aftermarket SMEs at PDSVISION and has over 10 years of experience in working with PLM and SLM.

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    Martin Toreskog PDS Vision Vision AB

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    Karolina Hägg Marketing Assistant @ PDSVISION


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