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AR – Meeting the Industrial Enterprise Needs in Service

About this event

Join our AR expert Pontus Blomberg as he continues his special webinar focus on how Augmented Reality is a beneficial and practical for the Service Industry in particular.

The complexity of today’s products and the rapid evolution of technology have made it difficult for organizations to develop new service strategies tailored to customer needs. To succeed, service organizations need to put the right people with the right technical skills in the right places — with the goal of increasing service margins. Or… is it the other way around, putting knowledge and expertise in the hands of the people – the workers, as they need it?

AR promises to transform organisations and enterprises and deliver value!

But how do you implement AR into the digital thread and remove the many breaches within the process from other solutions such as PLM / CAD and through to visualisation solutions like AR/VR/3D?

In the continuation of his series of webinars Pontus will focus on the more technical aspects of automation in AR’s role to bring value. He will also provide examples of user driven solutions for a successful Visual Transformation Journey.

What will you gain from attending?

Moving on from how the industrial service business can benefit from existing AR SaaS solutions, improving customer satisfaction and providing advantages over the competition we will demonstrate how your organisation can re-use existing data in AR solutions to -

  • Increase Service Reputation & Revenue
  • Improve Worker Efficiency and Resilience against skills gaps.
  • Reduce Service Contract breaches & penalties
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

After this webinar you will also have a better understanding of how AR can improve day-to-day learning by doing improving FTFR, optimising the workers technical efficiency and procedures so that their customers downtime is minimized and SLA’s are met with satisfaction – on top of that, lowering the service cost.

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