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Automate Model Generation

About this event

In many industries, the product offering must be configurable to meet various customer demands to stay competitive. Maintaining many product variants is a complex and time-consuming task, but it can be handled with ease using Windchills Options and Variants (O&V). By also utilizing the myPDS Configurator, we can expand the functionality of O&V to create an automated workflow for CAD drawing and model generation. CAD being an essential carrier of information and is fundamental for effective work for many departments apart from R&D.

This webinar will demonstrate how you can work with an automated workflow using Windchill Options & Variants and myPDS Configurator to easily generate variant-specific 3D or 2D content.

What value does it bring?

Get an introduction to our Creo automation tool, myPDS Configurator, and see how it can be utilized with Windchill Options & Variants to create an automated workflow to generate variant-specific content.

Who is it for?

Design engineers, Product owners, R&D Managers

Hosted by

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    Nils Persson Customer Success Manager @ PDSVISION

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    KH T
    Karolina Hägg Marketing Assistant @ PDSVISION


Take control of your product development

PDSVISION helps organisations manage and mitigate the complexity that exists in product development. With subject matter expertise in areas as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Computer Aided design (CAD) and what is adjacent to these, PDSVISION helps organization through the lifecycle.