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Dynamic Positioning with Options and Variants in Windchill

About this event

How do you manage fully positioned digital representations of a product? And how do you do it when you need to consider diversity and product complexity?

Options and Variants in Windchill allow you to define a list of fixed options and choices, to describe discrete configurations within a product family. With the new Dynamic Positioning capability, it is possible to generate correctly positioned data in both visualization and CAD tool without creating and maintaining that information in the CAD tool.

This webinar will demonstrate the Dynamic Positioning capabilities in Options and Variants in Windchill and how you define the logic to position different modules in a configurable structure relative to each other.

What value does it bring?

Get a short introduction to managing product variants with Options and Variants in Windchill and learn about the new functionality of Dynamic Positioning released in Windchill 12.0 and 12.1.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Utilize the Dynamic Positioning capabilities in Options and Variants in Windchill
  • Define Locators in different modules
  • Define Interfaces between modules in the Positioning Architecture
  • Create contexts of discrete variants for design and verification throughout the enterprise

Who is it for?

Design engineers, Product owners, Manufacturing Engineers, Aftermarket Engineers working with products that have variants that drive different positioning and occurrences.

Hosted by

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    Anders Kullenberg PLM Consultant @ PDSVISION AB

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    Nils Persson Customer Success Manager @ PDSVISION

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    Karolina Hägg Marketing Assistant @ PDSVISION


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