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How Additive Manufacturing can influence different parts of your value chain and how to approach it?

About this event


Additive Manufacturing (AM) has graduated from a niche prototyping technology to a mature production tool that today is used for a variety of serial-production applications across all industries. Especially in the current situation where many companies and individuals were hit hard by the consequences of Covid-19, AM has proven as an effective tool to solve several challenges.

This webinar will present several examples of how companies have successfully implemented Additive Manufacturing in the areas of product development, production support, serial production, and spare parts. Besides talking about these successful cases, the focus will lie on showing a typical path that companies take to get from idea to their first successful project utilizing Additive Manufacturing.

Who is it for:

Everybody who wants to understand how different companies are using Additive Manufacturing to generate a real value add

Why participate, what value will you gain:

• Successful AM use-cases of other companies as inspiration for your own company

• Understand the road map companies take from idea to production


Benjamin Haller works as Head of Innovation at AMEXCI AB. AMEXCI was founded in 2018 by 11 Swedish companies to increase the industrial usage of Additive Manufacturing in the Nordics. In his position Benjamin is responsible for educating designers, managers and engineers in all areas of Additive Manufacturing as well as for the co-creation of innovative applications. Prior to joining AMEXCI, Benjamin has worked as an Application Development Consultant for EOS, a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D-printers in Germany.

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  • Team member
    Roger Thyrell Customer Success Manager @ PDSVISION

    With subject matter expertise in areas of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Augmented Reality (AR) and IIoT (Industrial IoT) PDSVISION helps organization through the product development process resulting in a higher degree of engineering efficiency.

  • Guest speaker
    BH G
    Benjamin Haller Head Of Innovation @ Amexci


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PDSVISION helps organisations manage and mitigate the complexity that exists in product development. With subject matter expertise in areas as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Computer Aided design (CAD) and what is adjacent to these, PDSVISION helps organization through the lifecycle.