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Product Lifecycle Management and Service Lifecycle Management - how do they relate!?

About this event

Join PDSVISION PLM and aftermarket expert, Martin Toreskog as he continues his webinar series - guiding and showing you how your organization can generate value from aftermarket solutions.

The journey will now focus on the transformation of an eBOM (Engineering Bill of Material) into an sBOM (Service Bill of Material) which enables incorporation of aftermarket requirements in a separate BOM while still keeping the association to the source eBOM.

Some of the advantages of leveraging an associative eBOM to sBOM working method:

  • Take ownership of the BOM
  • Work with sBOM before release of the eBOM
  • Change Spare Part Decision and add kits, etc.
  • Possibility to start the sBOM process earlier before the release of the eBOM
  • Reuse information
  • Number, name, weight, etc.
  • Windchill will reuse already created Spare Parts Lists
  • Describe a complete sBOM and a complete aftermarket offering
  • Kits, wear parts, accessories, etc.
  • Build structure including product families, products
  • Include updates from the eBOM
  • If parts are replaced they are removed from the eBOM but can be included in the sBOM
  • Create illustrations based on Parts lists instead of eBOM
  • Version controlled
  • Faster update when changes are made in the eBOM (associativity)
  • Integrated Change Management Process
  • Automatically publish to a web based aftermarket portal

Martin will demonstrate how to effectively transform the eBOM into an sBOM, create Parts Lists, restructure, add kits, define spare parts, etc. He will also show how to create illustrations from the Parts List levels in the sBOM.

In the context of services and aftermarket solutions – we will cover how managing work based on transformed BOMs creates great value. We will highlight how information can be re-used from the eBOM to the sBOM, how there is an association between the BOMs which helps eliminate working on the wrong information and demonstrate that there are ways to automatically publish the sBOM to the aftermarket portal.

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