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Selecting the right material for the right application

About this event

Join us on 14 April to learn the best way to select the right materials for your designs and make smart materials choices systematically.

Materials play a critical role in designing any high-tech product, from the tiniest component to the largest aircraft and ships. The right material means a longer product lifetime, reduced cost, and improved performance in service. But how do you select the right material from the thousands of options available? How do you flag up any critical issues at an early design stage? How do you improve on your existing designs to remain competitive?

In this practical webinar, you will:

  • Discover how to innovate through intelligent materials selection – choosing materials suitable for demanding service at the lowest cost
  • View a case study for an advanced electrical connector, find cost savings for a raw material while still meeting necessary and strict performance factors – thermal, mechanical, electrical, and environmental plus restricted substances regulations
  • Locate potential suppliers and quickly flag up any problems with existing or new material choices.
  • See Ansys Granta Selector in action and explore our Advanced Materials – see Polymers data bundle, one of several sets of specialized materials data available to Selector users.
  • See how to export materials data for design and simulation.

Who should attend: Designers, Simulation Engineers, Material Experts in any industry.

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Daniel North, Michael Withington and Sara Onrubia-Garcia, ANSYS

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    Michael Withington ANSYS

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    Daniel North ANSYS

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    Sara Onrubia Garcia ANSYS


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