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Traceability is the Key to Compliance

About this event

What is the key to managing compliance?

"All I want is compliance with my wishes, after reasonable discussion."

― Winston Churchill

Unfortunately, today most regulatory authorities are not open to reasonable discussions.

Today's product development faces several challenges, and one of the biggest challenges is regulatory compliance. It is crucial to prove compliance with standards and regulations when developing a product. What was previously seen only as a prerequisite for medical- or automotive manufacturers is a reality in most domains.

The webinar will focus on three areas that form an alliance for proving compliance.

  • Traceability is the key to compliance.
  • Best practices for handling compliance information and processes.
  • How can a tool support traceability and best practices?

What value does it bring?

This webinar is for all who face regulatory challenges combined with product development, e.g., business representatives, Project Managers, quality assurance, and Engineers.

Who is it for?

You will gain the tools and knowledge to find the methodology, inspiration, and best practices for compliance management.

Host: Roger Thyrell – Customer Success Manager PDSVISION

Roger has worked within Requirements Management and Product Development for more than 20 years. He always focuses on gaining more knowledge and understanding of the challenges before jumping into a solution. Roger has also gained enough experience to understand that a tool is not a solution. He has a long record of accomplishment of successful requirements management implementations for customers worldwide, solving, amongst others, compliance.

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