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About this event

From time to time it’s valuable to stop and reflect on how you are managing daily tasks. It’s easy to go along as usual, without reflecting, without exploring other ways. Ways that could be more effective, more organized or even funnier. To stop and reflect can of course be applied to a lot. In this upcoming webinar I want to focus on, in my mind, the most vital tool for an engineer, the PLM system. In the webinar I will share my view on why PLM is so important, we will also stop and reflect, give some examples on how we can work smarter with our PLM system.

Who is it for?

This webinar is of interest for frequent users of CAD and PLM. From the beginner to the more experienced user, the topic should interest the entire spectrum.

Also, for those that are curious on why PLM could be more important than CAD.

The target audience for this webinar is people working in the field of engineering and using the PTC portfolio. If you cannot relate to this role description, then this webinar may not be for you.

Why participate

  • Get a better understanding of the importance of a PLM system and why you need to master it.
  • To capture some tips and tricks you may not know about.
  • Encourage you to stop and reflect about your current use of the PLM system.


Karl Wennerholm, PLM Consultant PDSVISION

With 10 years of experience working in the area of CAD and PLM, ranging a wide variety of roles.

Always trying to utilize his competence in CAD/PLM to bring value and understanding to the interaction between organization and supporting systems.

As a PLM Consultant at PDSVISION the aim is always to bring value to customers by using the supporting systems in a smart and effective way.

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    KH T
    Karolina Hägg Marketing Assistant @ PDSVISION

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    Karl Wennerholm PLM Consultant @ PDSVISION AB


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PDSVISION helps organisations manage and mitigate the complexity that exists in product development. With subject matter expertise in areas as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Computer Aided design (CAD) and what is adjacent to these, PDSVISION helps organization through the lifecycle.