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#PentoForEveryone - Automate payroll for weekly pay schedules and flexible workers ✨

About this event

Payroll has always been tedious, manual, and error-prone – and it becomes even more challenging when you're running it 4 times a month or managing employees who work part-time, flexitime, zero hours, or any non-traditional schedule.

Payroll Managers often bear the brunt of these challenges.

  • As the company grows, payroll complexity increases, heightening the risk of errors.
  • Especially in industries like Hospitality and Manufacturing, where employees heavily rely on their wages, employers must ensure timely and accurate payments.

Running a seamless payroll process demands time and effort. But a manual payroll process is not scalable, preventing Payroll Managers from moving beyond the payroll admin and contributing towards ensuring compliance, offering better benefits, optimising payroll costs and more.

🔥 Enter Pento's new products for running weekly payroll and managing flexible workers – a first-of-its-kind in the payroll industry 🔥

With these new products, Pento is the *only* modern payroll solution that enables all UK businesses to automate their payroll, regardless of their complexity and types of workers. Join us to:

  • Hear from industry peers about the pains of payroll and why they chose Pento over other payroll solutions
  • Watch how you can run a weekly pay run in minutes and manage flexible workers with Pento ✨ LIVE ✨
  • Peek into the future of payroll with Pento
  • Get your burning questions answered during our Q&A

If you're passionate about the next big thing in payroll, this is the place to be! See you on 21st September 👋 (Can't make it? Register anyway and we'll send you a recording after so you don't miss out on the fun 🙂)

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  • Guest speaker
    Jonas Bøgh Larsen Co-founder and CEO @ Pento

    As the Co-founder and CEO of Pento, Jonas is passionate about the future of payroll. He started Pento after personally feeling the challenges of running payroll and the need for change in payroll by like-minded, modern teams and companies.

  • Guest speaker
    Sabrina Castiglione COO @ Pento

    Sabrina has been neck-deep in SaaS and Tech for over a decade. Before joining Pento as the COO, Sabrina was employee #4 at Tessian, where she grew the small startup to an efficient scale-up of 300+ employees while heading all things Finance and Operations.

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Hassan-Ali


*Whatever* your UK payroll needs, see how Pento can make it happen 🇬🇧 #PentoForEveryone

Loved by Payroll, People, and Finance teams, Pento is the only modern payroll solution that supports all pay schedules and all type of workers in the UK.

By automating the payroll process and offering expert payroll guidance, Pento ensures everyone has a stress-free payroll experience.