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Building Psychological Safety at Work: A Primer

About this event

Psychological safety is the belief that it’s okay to voice your ideas, opinions, and beliefs without any fear, and the number one factor that sets apart innovative, risk-taking, and successful teams from others.

Yet shockingly, many organizations don't actively invest in building psychologically safe cultures. This can be detrimental to their growth.

In this episode:

  • dispel myths around psychological safety in the workplace
  • piece together the many moving parts of this puzzle
  • learn practical tips to build a psychologically safe culture

What is the Performance Puzzle?

The Performance Puzzle is a series of virtual events hosted by Mesh's Gaurav Chaubey, who speaks to HR experts and experienced leaders about that sweet spot where people strategy meets unfettered business success.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Maurice Ducoing Founder @ Ducoing Human Capital

  • Team member
    Gaurav Chaubey People Science Leader @ Mesh

  • Guest speaker
    Jennifer Oswald Head of People Strategy @ GoodTime.io


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