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B2B E-Commerce Success invites you to their event

Data Transforms Your E-Commerce Solution

About this event

This is the webinar that is packed with authors, industry experts from Citizen Watches, Hampton Products and Zanders Sporting Goods!

Brace yourself - you will get: 

  • How Amazon and Alibaba work for B2B and how you can work to maximize your e-Commerce platform
  • How do you handle complex B2B products like parts, assemblies, kits and products all on one site
  • How you can post faster and easier to industry trade groups, sales sites and even direct to customers
  • How does e-Commerce affect the supply chain and vice versa
  • How a major manufacturer developed a product information management platform to work with suppliers, vendors, in multicurrency, multi-channels, and multi-language
  • The cutting edge in Search = Predictive Search!  Search leads to a faster ROI!
  • How a major Sporting Goods distributor ADDED $30million in sales in one month with by changing their SEARCH!
  • Get ready for 2021 in B2B! 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Dick Brunebjerg Founder and CTO @ Perfion, Inc.

  • Guest speaker
    Scott Taylor The Data Whisperer

    Scott Taylor, known as The Data Whisperer, is a globally recognized thought leader and a consultant on the strategic value of proper data management.

  • Guest speaker
    Brian Millsap Senior VP, Chief Information Officer @ Hampton Products

    As SVP & CIO of Hampton Products manages IT and Customer Care which extend to Order Management, Customer Service and Consumer Care. He leverages technology together with service leadership to bring excellence to a thriving company.

  • Guest speaker
    Tom Sieger Managing Partner @ CoreShop Solutions

    As Partner of CoreShop Solutions, Sieger, lends his expertise to America’s leading technology companies, driving sales through corporate innovation in IT, product information management, data asset management and business process management.

  • Guest speaker
    Rob Neumann Digital Platforming Expert & Fractional CMO

    An engineer with an MBA in finance, Rob specializes in digital transformation of companies’ supply chain and marketing, creating new paradigms for B2B clients and sustainable growth for B2C.

  • Guest speaker
    Trish Keller CTO @ Citizen Watch

    As CTO at Citizen Watch, Trish Keller has an extensive background in CPG, distribution, retail, wholesale, direct to consumer, digital and e-commerce.

  • Guest speaker
    Brian Beck Author @ Billon Dollar B2B Ecommerce

    Brian Beck provides expert Ecommerce and Digital Transformation advisory services to B2B firms.

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