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patFINDER Presentation

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BREXIT – What does it mean for Clinical Trials in the UK

by Jackie Purdie

patFINDER Presentation

by Vesselin Georgiev

Have you ever been faced with patient recruitment challenges in clinical trials? If your answer is “Yes”, you are not alone. 2015 statistics shows that 19% of all clinical trials have been closed or terminated early because of lack of participants, which translates into years of hard work and millions of US dollars lost. Modern “smart” software systems could help you avoid such losses, which is the topic of our webinar:

patFINDER — an innovative solution to speed up patient enrollment in clinical trials

patFINDER is a software system that converts unstructured, non-standardized data into well-organized information. It quickly processes a large amount of data from medical records, statements, discharge summaries, pathology and radiology reports – allowing you to quickly and easily obtain detailed information about subjects who are good potential candidates for participation in a study or clinical trial.

Key patFINDER benefits:

1. Minimise the risk of trial failure due to lack of participants and thus reduces trial cost;

2. Optimise trial time by introducing standards and unification in protocols and procedures relating to finding participants, trialists and sites;

3. patFINDER offers 24/7 assistance world-wide;

4. It complies fully with FDA and HIPAA requirements;

5. As part of the Trial Life-Cycle Manager system, patFINDER is the new way clinical trials can be managed.

The product presentation will be held by the main developer of patFINDER and expert in this field, Vesselin Georgiev from Onorach Ltd. This webinar is specifically targeted at CROs and clinical trial companies and will discuss the benefits of the patFINDER system. At the end of the presentation you will be able to ask questions and share your comments.

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