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Head Start Monday

About this event

PhantomBuster's Head Start Mondays for beginners!


The beginner's guide to PhantomBuster that's here to help you win the week, our Head Start Mondays will get you started on the right foot and show you how to set up a Phantom in just 30 minutes.


For marketers, salespeople, recruiters, and really anyone who wants to make their own work lives that bit more efficient.

Come along with or without any technical background - we'll take care of that part for you.


Follow along and end your week knowing:

  • What PhantomBuster can offer you
  • How to set up and successfully launch any Phantom
  • How to automate your lead generation and social media outreach strategies
  • The principles and best practices of automation

Ask your questions

Stick around at the end for a Q&A session with our team where you can ask all your burning questions.

And... It's free.

'Cause we know that once you try PhantomBuster you'll get addicted to it. 👻

See you on Monday!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ellen Hinkley Account Manager @ PhantomBuster

  • Team member
    Anna Swiatly

  • Team member
    Rachel Pienaar

  • Team member
    Ieva Paskovska

  • Team member
    Alex Duignan Senior Product Marketer @ PhantomBuster


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