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#2 Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Simeox Therapy in Post Covid-19 Patients. Your Questions.

About this event

#2 Pulmonary rehabilitation. Hospital rehabilitation model. Simeox Therapy in Post Covid-19 Patients. Your Questions - Live Conference

Last November 17th, PhysioAssist Society broadcast the conference recorded in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Specialist Hospital, Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Centre in Glucholazy, Poland. The recognized Polish specialists presented the Hospital Rehabilitation Model applied in patients and showed the care provided to patients after Covid-19 infection.

On 30 November, they will be live to answer your questions.

> Join us online and participate in the discussion about pulmonary rehabilitation and especially for Post Covid-19.

> Download the full program here

Conference Program

> Dr Laurent MORIN, Medical Affairs Director, PhysioAssist

  • Study results of SIMEOX therapy in Post Covid-19 patients. Clinical cooperation with Ministry of Internal Affairs Specialized Hospital in Glucholazy, Poland.

> Prof. Jan SZCZEGIELNIAK, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Specialist Hospital, Glucholazy (Poland)

  • Delivery of the SIMEOX therapy in Post Covid-19 patients and in patients with Chronic respiratory disease

> Mr. Miroslaw LENCZUK, Physiotherapist, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Specialist Hospital, Glucholazy (Poland)

  • SIMEOX Session with a patient
  • Your questions - specialist responses on live Conclusion

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  • Guest speaker
    Katarzyna Bogacz

    Dr Bogacz, physiotherapy specialist, currently works at the Chair of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Opole University of Technology (Poland) and at the SP ZOZ MSWiA Hospital in Glucholazy (Poland).

  • Guest speaker
    Dariusz Ziora

    Medical doctor and professor of medicine, Prof. Ziora has specialized in pulmonology and internal medicine. He is the head of Dpt. Pulmonology and Tuberculosis Silesian University of Medicine in Zabrze since 2014

  • Guest speaker
    Łukasz Minarowski

    Dr Minarowski, MD, PhD and Assistant Professor, is a pulmonologist and internal medicine specialist. In his practice over the years, he has specialized in chronic respiratory insufficiency treatment in hospital and outpatient settings.

  • Guest speaker
    Jacek Luniewski

    Dr Luniewski is the head of the Department of Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation Hospital in Pokoj, Poland; and assistant professor of the Department of Physical Education and Physiotherapy in the Opole Technical University.

  • Team member
    Florence Danet Marketing Director @ PhysioAssist

  • Guest speaker
    Jan Szczegielniak

    Physical Therapy Specialist / Head of Physical Therapy Department at Internal Affairs Hospital in Glucholazy, Poland / Professor of Opole University of Technology

  • Team member
    Laurent Morin Medical Affairs Director @ PhysioAssist


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