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Scaling New Frontiers with Pimcore PaaS

About this event

Scaling New Frontiers with Pimcore PaaS: A Webinar for the Future-Ready Enterprise

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of digital infrastructure with Pimcore's Platform as a Service (PaaS). Join us for an exclusive webinar that promises to redefine the way you think about building, running, and scaling your websites and applications.

About This Webinar

In an era where the digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, "Scaling New Frontiers with Pimcore PaaS" offers a deep dive into a platform designed for responsibility, efficiency, and innovation. This session is your gateway to understanding how to leverage Pimcore PaaS for your organization's growth and digital excellence.

What You Will Learn

  • Infrastructure as Code: Discover the pillars of provisioning, packaging, deploying, and testing your applications with unparalleled ease and flexibility.
  • Git as the Main API: Learn how to manage your entire web stack and deployment workflow through Git, enabling a seamless CI/CD pipeline for your projects.
  • Immutable Infrastructure & Security: Explore our container-based infrastructure's robust security measures, including read-only file systems, daily backups, and compliance with the highest standards.
  • Efficiency & Peace of Mind: Understand how Pimcore PaaS gives development teams control while significantly reducing the devops overhead.

Why Attend?

  • Expert Insights: Hear from Nebojsa Ilic, Software Engineer at Pimcore, and Vincent Robert, Senior Partner Project Manager at Platform.sh, about the future of digital platforms.
  • Interactive Experience: Moderated by Christian Fasching, VP Product at Pimcore, this webinar not only offers learning opportunities but also interactive Q&A sessions with our esteemed speakers.
  • Demo Time: Witness a live demonstration showcasing the setup, configuration, and innovative features of Pimcore PaaS that can revolutionize your digital projects.

Who Should Join?

This webinar is designed for IT professionals, developers, project managers, and digital innovators who are eager to explore new frontiers in digital infrastructure and ensure their platforms are not just market-ready but future-proof.

Reserve Your Spot Now

Spaces are limited for this game-changing event. Register today to secure your seat and be part of the journey towards digital innovation and excellence with Pimcore PaaS.

We look forward to welcoming you to an insightful and inspiring session that will elevate your digital strategy to new heights!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Bernd Dultinger Head of Channels & Alliances @ Pimcore

  • Guest speaker
    Vincent Robert Partner Project Manager @ Platform.sh

  • Team member
    Dietmar Rietsch

  • Team member
    Nebojsa Ilic Software engineer @ Pimcore GmbH


The data and experience management revolution.

Pimcore is a software platform for product information management, master data management, customer data management, digital asset management, content management, digital experience management, and digital commerce.

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