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Future of Retail: Navigating Industry Trends, Technology, and Data Strategy for Omnichannel Success

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In this webinar Dietmar Rietsch, Founder & CEO at Pimcore, and Horst Huber, Founder & CEO at priint Group, will discuss the key trends and challenges facing the retail industry in the coming years.

  • Which role will virtual- and augmented reality play in retail?
  • Learn about the dangers of bad data strategies
  • Why you should strive for a consistent omnichannel experience.
  • The Importance of personalization and data-driven marketing.
  • Explore the role of print and when companies should rely on it for a consistently great customer experience.

Lastly, Horst and Dietmar will discuss what retailers are missing now that will impact the industry's future and what retail companies should invest in to stay ahead of the curve.


Horst Huber, CEO and Founder of priint Group | WERK II

Horst is a pioneer in the field of data-driven publishing. His deep knowledge in omnichannel communication, as well as process optimization and automation of publishing workflows, database publishing, web-to-print, benchmarking, and potential analysis results from more than 30 years of project experience in retail, distribution/wholesale, and industrial companies.

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO and Founder of Pimcore GmbH

As CEO and co-founder of Pimcore, Dietmar Rietsch deals with new technologies and the digital transformation of companies daily. Dietmar is a passionate entrepreneur who has been designing and realizing exciting digital projects for more than 20 years. Find out more about him here.

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    Horst Huber CEO @ priint Group

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    Dietmar Rietsch


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