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Pipedrive invites you to its webinar

Introduction to Pipedrive

About this webinar

Using a CRM shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Software is supposed to make managing your business easier!

Pipedrive is specifically designed to simplify your processes - not to complicate them. We want to show you exactly how Pipedrive will help you focus on the right tasks at the right time.

The Introduction to Pipedrive Webinar is an interactive session where you can ask as many questions as want.

A Pipedrive expert will walk you through the key features of our software that will help you consistently close more deals.

  • Here’s what you can expect to learn during the webinar:
  • An introduction to using Pipedrive
  • How to create new deals and contacts
  • The simple way to customize your pipeline
  • How to add and manage activities
  • Adding custom fields to suit your unique needs
  • Running Pipedrive’s simple filters and reports
  • Adding additional users to your account
  • Extra features and tips

You don’t need an account to attend, but you can test Pipedrive out for yourself with a 14-day free trial. So if you haven't done so already, make sure you sign up today and have a look around before the webinar begins!

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Be Unstoppable

We are a sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output. We’ve designed and refined every element to zero-in and double down on actions that help you drive deals to close.