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Can we automate a great candidate experience?

About this event

Uncover the benefits and perils of automation in this illuminating conversation

The world of recruitment has irreversibly changed. Remote hiring has become the norm and candidate expectations have radically changed due to new working patterns. One solution recruitment leaders often present is the automation of elements of the hiring process.

To test the limits of automation, PitchMe catches up with Sean Hopkins, Product Marketing Manager at CloudCall, and Matthew Monette, Country Lead and Head of Expansion UK&I at Deel. The speakers reflect on the power of technology and the importance of retaining critical human touchpoints that build meaningful connections.

This exclusive discussion provides tangible insight into how automation can be implemented when finding and hiring candidates as our speakers draw from technical and personal experience.

Watch now to discover:

  • Where automation can bring value to the hiring process.
  • The common pitfalls that companies face when implementing time-saving technology.
  • Why hiring practices had to change over the course of the pandemic.
  • Creating an engaging and unique experience for candidates while automating.

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    Sean Hopkins Product Marketing Manager @ Cloudcall

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    Matthew Monette Country Lead & Head of Expansion UK&I

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    Ed Mellor


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