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Launching a New RenderMan Challenge & Official Education Materials

About this event

Join us today as we launch our seventh RenderMan Art Challenge, the latest in Pixar’s widely acclaimed series, where we invite our users to light and shade scenes of production complexity for a chance to win fantastic prizes and the title of RenderMan Challenge Winner. We’ll talk with past challenge winner, Fabio Rossi, about his experience and his strategies for creating a winning entry. This time, it could be you.  

To help artists join the Challenge, and simply learn RenderMan, we are rolling out new Official RenderMan Training today. We’ll also introduce Eugene Riecansky, the author of these new educational materials. We’ll talk with Eugene about his approach to education, and what to expect from this series.  

This is a great session to learn more about RenderMan ... whether you’re a student, or independent creator, or VFX professional. 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Fabio Sciedlarczyk Surfacing Artist @ Mikros Animation

    Fabio Sciedlarczyk has 15 years of experience in computer graphics doing TV commercials and feature films, both live-action and animated. He's specialized in lookDev, lighting, and shading and currently works for Mikros Animation.

  • Team member
    Dylan Sisson Digital Artist @ Pixar Animation Studios

    Dylan Sisson is a digital artist with over 25 years of experience in VFX and animation. Dylan joined Pixar in 1999 where he has been engaged in the evangelization of RenderMan. In addition to his role at Pixar, Dylan is an active artist exploring the emerging mediums of VR sculpting and 3D printing.

  • Team member
    Eugene Riecansky Creative Mentor @ Where Lightning Strikes

    After 28 years of creating films, motion gfx and CG for brands such as Red Bull, Apple Music, Pixar Animation Studios, Jim Carrey, Autodesk, The Prodigy & Madonna, Eugene has now turned his focus to inspiring and mentoring other creatives to help them achieve their creative goals & ambitions.

  • Team member
    Leif Pedersen Digital Artist and RenderMan Specialist @ Pixar Animation Studios

    With over 10 years of production experience, Leif Pedersen joined the RenderMan Marketing team as a Digital Artist and RenderMan Specialist to help bridge the gap between art and technology.

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