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Pixar Animation Studios invites you to their event

Discovering RenderMan Stylized Looks

About this event

In this session, we’ll look ahead at the amazing NPR tools currently in development at Pixar that promise to transform RenderMan into a tool for any type of look creation, from photorealistic images to any other artistic genre, from comics to anime, from illustration to watercolor … or anything you can imagine. 

Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will chat with RenderMan Lead NPR Developer, Christos Obretenov, about these upcoming tools, and will also talk with another early adopter, Ernst Janssen Groesbeek from 9 to 3 Animation, about his work with RenderMan Stylized Looks … while also showing how this new technology is integrated in version 24.

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    Dylan Sisson Digital Artist @ Pixar Animation Studios

    Dylan Sisson is a digital artist with over 25 years of experience in VFX and animation. Dylan joined Pixar in 1999 where he has been engaged in the evangelization of RenderMan. In addition to his role at Pixar, Dylan is an active artist exploring the emerging mediums of VR sculpting and 3D printing.

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    Ernst Janssen Groesbeek Stylized Rendering Designer @ 9to3animation

    With an MSc in Architecture, specialized in Computer Visualization, Ernst founded 9to3animation in 2014 to expand his creative endeavors. In 2017 together with Christos Obretenov of Lollipop Shaders. They set out on a journey to explore the possibilities of Imagination Based Rendering.

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