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Webinar Sustainable Energy and IoT

About this event

Since many regions and countries have already stated that they want to become independent in energy, renewable energies are going to play an increasing part in their plans. In this webinar, we will talk about some challenges and how technology but more specifically IoT plays a role in this transition.

We will show you some examples of dashboards and the information gathered from devices, and we will share some of the metrics of a real case study. The name of the company is Acciona. To finish the session, we will also be showing more use cases of how IoT can be deployed in this sector.

If you are looking for relevant information on technological applications in the energy industry and sustainable energy in particular, this webinar will help you learn about Plain Concepts’ technological proposals with Microsoft services:

  • Particularities of the sector
  • Future of the industry
  • Measurement systems
  • Technological possibilities


  • Introduction – Overall approach of the topics of this session by Wendy Chin, with a quick presentation of the speakers.
  • Sustainable Energy Challenges – James Lockyer will talk about the future of this industry and the challenges that should be faced with technology.
  • Renewable Energy and Data – Wendy Chin will be showing us how IoT, AI, and Data need to adapt to the different approaches required by the sector.
  • Acciona Case Study – A representative example of the greenest power utility in the world with a review of the improvements made by Plain Concepts.
  • IoT and AI Solutions – Eduardo Matallanas will talk about many different technologies that can be used in the sector in order to get better results.


Wendy Chin | Partner Development Manager at Plain Concepts

Eduardo Matallanas | Principal Software Engineer at Plain Concepts

James Lockyer | Azure IoT Industry & Sustainability Sales Director of EMEA at Microsoft

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    Wendy Chin

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