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Meet the Giants: Celonis

About this event

Plan A is delighted to host the famous German unicorn Celonis. For our 2nd talk, join Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Co-founder at Plan A and Janina Nakladal, director of sustainability at Celonis for a fireside chat about hypergrowth, scaling and sustainability. This holy trinity of topics will enable attendees to gather valuable knowledge and insights. They will also have the opportunity to raise their questions.

“Meet the Giants” series is dedicated to sustainability in the corporate world, where you can hear from the leaders and brilliant minds who are the closest to the sustainability steering wheel.

Although large companies have the most significant environmental impact, the opportunity for them to change the world we live in is also more significant. Some of these large companies have taken on the challenge of sustainability.

A note about our second ‘Giant’:

Celonis is the leader of Execution Management System (EMS), helping companies unlock the capacity to maximise business performance. Based in New York and Munich, Celonis helps industry-leading companies worldwide such as L’Oreal and Coca-Cola, in their sustainability journey. The companies they’ve helped have identified where they can make their business more effective in reducing waste in many forms. This can be reducing excess stock in warehouses, taking waste out of delivery routes or manufacturing processes to decrease CO2 emissions. Business performance goes hand in hand with sustainability. Sustainability at Celonis takes ecology into account and complements it with social action and economic added value for its customers, stakeholders and the Celonis team.

This event was streamed live on 25 Feb 2021.

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