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Meet the Giants: Sysco Corporation

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Food is life! Eat it responsibly. 🍌

How does collaboration reduce environmental impact?

In the Western hemisphere, we produce about 900 kg of food each year per human capital - 1/3 of it will waste and have tremendous environmental and social impacts. It is about the food we produce and eat, but also the way we distribute and maintain it. Understand the challenges, find the solution by joining us for our 8th edition of β€œMeet the Giants”, starring the world leader of food distribution and stock listed company, Sysco Corporation.

For our 8th online edition, Plan A is thrilled to host Olivier Canonne, representing Sysco. Join Olivier Canonne, CSR Manager at Sysco France and Nathan Bonnisseau, CMO & Co-founder at Plan A, to discuss global decarbonisation strategies, transforming supply chains and investments, and compensation vs reduction strategies.

This event is an excellent opportunity to ask all of your burning questions on the topic of food distribution and how international corporates work on reducing their environmental footprint - which is an entire burning issue.

This event was streamed live on 25 Nov 2021.

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