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The Path to Net-Zero: Building a net-zero society takes a village

About this event

The Path to Net-Zero series is an exploration of the transformative journey toward a net-zero society. In this critical moment, the urgency to address climate change is greater than ever and the path to a sustainable future requires collaboration, innovation, and bold action. Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A, engages with sustainability leaders, passionate entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and much more to answer the most pressing sustainability questions of today.

We talk with Kirsten Dunlop, the CEO of Climate-KIC, a leading organisation at the forefront of climate innovation and sustainability. Kirsten has ventured through academia, consulting, banking, insurance, strategy, design, innovation, and leadership across three different continents. She is a trailblazer in the realms of strategic risk, business model evolution, and leadership. Kirsten's extensive experience and insights from her role at Climate-KIC, as well as her previous positions at Suncorp Group and KPMG Australia, position her as a trailblazer in driving systemic change and building a net-zero society.

In this talk, we explore key elements that are crucial to achieving our climate commitments and bridging the gap between our current reality and our sustainability goals. Kirsten discusses the need for scaling solutions on a planetary and human scale, while acknowledging the impediments posed by existing political, economic, and financial models. She will underscore that addressing climate change is not merely a technological challenge but a complex issue that requires profound human and social transformation.

This event was recorded on 2 Jun 2023.

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