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The Path to Net-Zero: Can clean energy power the world?

About this event

In The Path to Net-Zero series, Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A, will talk about sustainability, net-zero and sustainability business leadership with special guests from all walks of life, including scientists, investors, businesses, employees, sustainability consultants, and many more.

We need energy to power our world, fuel our economy, and propel ideas forward. What innovations and technology are needed to bring us toward a sustainable energy system?

To answer these questions, Plan A CEO Lubomila Jordanova talks with Dr. Martin Schichtel, founder of Kraftblock, a thermal energy storage system that is modular, scalable, and utilises lost or wasted heat to help decarbonise energy. Kraftblock minimises the usage of fossil fuels, avoids the formation of carbon dioxide and increases the economic value of formerly lost or wasted energy.

This event was streamed live on 23 Sept 2022.

Plan A

Plan A is a leading corporate carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and ESG reporting software provider. The end-to-end solution enables businesses to manage their entire net-zero journey in one central platform.