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Conversion Funnel Benchmark Report launch event

About this event

Join us as we present our first Conversion Funnel Benchmark Report, a new aggregated, anonymized collection of data points from Poool clients, presented in an actionable way to better convert users into subscribers.

  • Introduction to new conversion rate framework
  • Traffic on premium content
  • Wall visibility rate
  • Click-through rate
  • User-to-subscriber conversion rate
  • Putting the funnel together
  • Q&A session with our Consultancy team

Although this quarterly report will be reserved for Poool clients in the future, we're opening the first benchmarks to all publishers who sign up to this webinar! Compare your performance to others in the market, discover best-in-class examples and hear about how you can optimize each step in the funnel with our strategic advice.

Sign up & share with your team (and if you can't make the date, sign up anyway and we'll send you the replay)


Poool is The Membership & Subscription Suite, a simple, all-in-one platform for digital publishers to convert, manage and retain their members and subscribers. However, with an expert team behind this technology, Poool are so much more than your average platform.

With over 140 clients in 12 countries around the world, we realized our potential to not only provide the tools for publishers to engage, convert and retain their audiences, but also the expertise and benchmarks to succeed in these strategies. Our recent (and now continuous) work has therefore been to integrate this knowledge into our product and to share data insights within the community of Poool clients.

As more publishers make use of the Poool Dashboard, our database will grow to encompass increasingly more benchmarks from brands of all sizes, covering all content producers, in any language and from a wide variety of countries around the world. These benchmarks and knowledge will be integrated into our product, allowing us to extract unique insights to share within the community of Poool clients.

Every quarter, we’ll collect key data points on engagement and conversion performance, aggregating and anonymizing the data to present it in an actionable way. To achieve this, benchmarks will be segmented based on publisher-type and paywall strategy, with data being shared in both a report format, an interactive webinar and integrated into the Poool Dashboard to inform client decision-making on a daily basis.

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    Madeleine White Head of International

    The Membership & Subscription Suite - the simple, all-in-one platform for digital content producers to convert, manage and retain their members and subscribers.

  • Team member
    Madeleine White Head of International @ Poool


The Membership & Subscription Suite.

All-in-one audience conversion, management & retention platform.