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Paywalls and SEO: How do you maximize the value of your paywall without putting SEO at risk?

About this event

Paywalling content is a hugely valuable strategy for digital publishers to monetize their audience through subscriptions.

The worry is, however, will integrating a wall onto your website have a negative impact on SEO performance?! 😱

It's a valid concern...

SEO is hugely important

...but so are walls!

So, how do you limit risks to SEO performance whilst maximizing the value of a paywall? 🧐

That's exacly what we're here to discuss with Poool's CEO and expert in walls and blocking methods, Maxime Moné, alongside our brilliant guest, SEO specialist and founder of State of Digital Publishing, Vahe Arabian.

We'll cover:

👉 What are the different walls + blocking methods

👉 Introduction to walls and SEO

  • Technical SEO implementation for paywalled content
  • Showing Google paywalled content with structural data
  • Indicating paywalled content to avoid cloaking

👉 SEO guidelines for maximizing wall value and SEO simultaneously

  • Free or “unlocked” content
  • Metered paywalls
  • Hard paywalls

👉 What about for News and Discover?

👉 Key takeaways + Q&A

Register now to join live and discover all there is to know about this important topic, asking questions to Maxime and Vahe to ensure your SEO and wall strategy is optimized!

Can't make the date and time? Don't worry, register anyway and we'll send you a replay link after the event!

Interested in reading up on the topic prior to our webinar? Check out Poool's white paper on Walls and SEO just here.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Maxime Moné CEO @ Poool

  • Guest speaker
    Vahe Arabian Founder & Director @ State Of Digital Publishing


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