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How to Optimize your Subscription Funnel

About this event

Ever wondered how The New York Times gained 2.3 million digital subscribers in 2020? Or how Netflix now has an astounding 207.64 million paid subscribers across the world?

Well we're here to share their secrets!

What can we learn from their subscription strategy? And how can you apply this to your own business?

This webinar is here to answer these questions and more! We'll share with you KPIs, objectives and best practices to follow for each step in the conversion funnel based on our analysis of 9 successful content producers.

  1. The paywall - how can you block users without causing frustration? How much content should you block?
  2. Subscription offers - how should you display offers? how do you decide which offers to provide?
  3. Account creation - how much information should you ask from users?
  4. Payment - how do you reassure users at this stage?
  5. Confirmation + onboarding - what's the best way to welcome a new user?
  6. Access to content - how can we retain them and reduce churn?

In this webinar, our very own Stephane Pere, Chief Revenue Officer at Poool, will work through these steps and provide you with actionable advice and KPIs to follow for each with examples from the NYT, The Athletic, Quartz, Audible and more!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your conversion funnel and turn your audience into business!

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    Stephane Pere Chief Revenue Officer @ Poool

    With 15+ years experience in Media (advertising, data, marketing, digital products) , I am an International executive (US, EMEA and APAC) with a passion for News, Digital & Data. With Poool we are empowering publishers to turn audience into business.

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    Madeleine White Audience Conversion Specialist @ Poool

    Specializing in conversion strategies for digital publishers to take back control of your revenues and turn anonymous users into consented leads, members & subscribers!


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