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Smart Ports Leverage Intelligent Video

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Presented by Ericsson in partnership with Port Technology International

Harness the combined power of video + AI + 5G + edge computing across port operations, security and supply chain digitalization. 


Explore top use cases ports can implement as a result of leveraging AI-powered computer vision and OCR to live video feeds from 5G-connected cameras. Showcasing the value of what these combined technologies can do within port security, container management & asset tracking, and real-time digital twins.


Intelligent cameras that can stream high-quality live video for real-time analysis have become highly valuable in many smart port use cases. With video surveillance found in more places than ever, the availability of video data has increased immensely. The key to harnessing the full value of all that video data lies in being able to apply intelligence to it in real time—and turn data into actionable insights.

With the right 5G connectivity, AI, and edge compute, security and surveillance cameras can easily recognize faces for frictionless access or capture a container’s information and track it as it moves from ship to shore to hinterland transport.  When smart surveillance solutions are connected with secure, seamless, and ultra-high bandwidth connectivity, they can provide intelligence on the state of up-to-the minute port conditions, enabling real-time operational management.

In this webinar, explore how private 5G networks enable multiple use cases in securing and optimizing port operations with wireless cameras and computer vision. Learn which ones ports can implement first to get the most value from applying AI-powered computer vision to their video data.

Webinar Format

This will be a 60-minute webinar with a roundtable, presentation and Q&A session.

The webinar will be available to watch On-Demand for those unable to attend the live event.


Adam Schipper, Director of Business Development, Transportation & Logistics, Ericsson North America

Adam Schipper has over 25 years working in the transportation industry. With a proven passion for the transportation industry, he received his Certified Transportation Professional designation from the National Private Truck Council. Adam focuses on the adoption and acceleration of digital transformation in the transportation arena. In addition, he is responsible for advocating and helping the ports, aviation, rail and the connected car industry.

Andrew Scott, Founder and CEO, Quaychain

Andrew is the CEO and Founder of QuayChain Technologies, who provides innovative and secure software, devices, and advanced wireless connectivity to the intermodal logistics ecosystems. Andrew has had almost 30 years of experience in ocean freight logistics, transportation as a technology provider in locations around the globe. Prior to founding QuayChain, Andrew was a FUSE Fellow at the Port of Los Angeles, focused on assisting the Port with technology and innovation.

Brian Jackson, Surveillance and Smart Solutions Director, BT

Brian Jackson has over 30 years of experience in remote management and control systems ranging from aircraft, nuclear submarines, energy management, IoT and security. He joined BT in 2001 and has led technical and product teams focused on the IoT market, CCTV transmission portfolio and physical security solutions. With a breadth of industry and business knowledge, he addresses complex digitalization and security requirements from customers to help them realize business growth opportunities with BT smart solutions.

Vijay Kesavan, System and Solutions Architect, Intel Corporation

Vijay Kesavan is a hands-on technologist with 18 years of industry experience building and leading advanced innovation teams in the delivery of cutting-edge wireless, IoT, networking, and embedded market solutions. He is experienced in forging industry partnership, fostering collaborations, and leadership in industry consortia to deliver innovation, value, and generating IP (with 28 patents issued and more pending).

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    Adam Schipper Director of Business Development, Transportation & Logistics @ Ericsson

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    Vijay Kesavan System and Solutions Architect @ Intel

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    Port Technology The PTI Team @ Port Technology International

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    Brian Jackson Surveillance and Smart Solutions Director @ BT

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    Andrew Scott Founder and CEO @ QuayChain

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