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How to Boost Port Crane Operator Performance

About this event

Presented by Mevea in partnership with Port Technology International


This FREE webinar aims to explore the current container terminal challenges related to operator training and automation development of cranes and how the digital twin-based, advanced simulators could successfully address both.

Presentations from Siemens and Adani Hazira Port provide concrete examples of what can be achieved by using Mevea’s advanced simulator solutions. Ops Factor will be highlighting the challenges and solutions to consider when moving port crane operators from cabin to remote operation.

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain insight into how advanced training simulators adapted to the terminal’s equipment, processes, safety instructions and layout could provide a significant boost in operator performance
  • Get a better understanding of how digital twin can be used for automation solution development and testing
  • Learn how Mevea’s advanced simulators can be used to train crane operators and service personnel

Webinar Format

This webinar will be 1h15 min speaker presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A.

The webinar will be available to watch On-Demand for those that are unable to attend the live event.


Raimo Nikkila is the co-owner and Director at Mevea Ltd, a Finnish high tech company providing solutions for product development and operator training. At Mevea one of his key roles is to drive solutions which combine advanced technology and customer process understanding. Mr. Nikkila has a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Douwe Wagenaar is the Manager of Remote Control & Simulation for Cranes at Siemens Nederland. In this role he oversees the crane control software development, testing and simulation for remotely operated harbour and industrial cranes. Mr Wagenaar has been working for Siemens 24 years and studied Control Systems at the Technical University of Delft.

Mr. Wagenaar will explain in the presentation how Siemens Cranes uses the digital twin throughout the life cycle of an automated crane. The digital twin is used for automation solution development and testing, as well as training for crane operators and service personnel. Specifically, the training is designed to teach operators how to remotely control a semi or automated crane without occupying an actual crane will benefit the availability of the crane for production.

Ilse Houting is Director of Ops Factor, the world’s leading remote control room specialist focused to optimize operator performance. As Human Factors Consultant, Ilse is integrating the operations factor in automation projects to bring synergy between operations and technique. Over the years Ilse has been working in control room design and operator performance projects with several leading terminal operators. Ms Houting has MSc degree in Human Factors Engineering at the VU Amsterdam.

In her presentation Ms Houting will explain the challenges and solutions to consider when moving port crane operators from cabin to remote operation.

Ramkrishna Purohit is HR Manager at Adani Hazira Port in Gujarat, India. Hazira Port employs 600+ persons and Mr Purohit is responsible for their capability building. Hiring of new equipment operators, their training and skills development of existing operators is an important part of Mr. Purohit’s responsibilities. Prior joining Adani in 2015, he was working for 20 years at Essar Steel Ltd.

A. Madhu is Head of Container Terminal & Container Freight Station operations at Adani Hazira port. Mr Madhu is mechanical engineer and has 22 years of experience in Port operations. He is interested in innovation projects and recently he has implemented electric trucks to Hazira Port. Prior Joining Adani he worked with DP world for 14 years.

T.R. Balachander is HOS – Container Terminal operations at Adani Hazira port. Mr Balachander has 23 years of experience in leading container terminals including Port of Singapore Authority and DP World, Jebal Ali. He has played the instrumental role advising the customization of training simulators for Hazira’s STS, RTG and ITV (Internal Transfer Vehicle) characteristics and processes.

In their presentation Adani team explains how they are using advanced training simulator for new operator training and existing operator refresher training and what benefits they have achieved. Hazira’s advanced training simulator developed by Mevea is adapted to port’s equipment characteristics (STS, RTG and MHC cranes), operating processes and layout.

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    Douwe Wagenaar Siemens Nederland @ Manager of Remote Control & Simulation for Cranes

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    Hans Rook Chairman @ IPCSA

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    Raimo Nikkila Co-owner and Director @ Mevea Ltd

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    Ilse Houting Director @ Ops Factor

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    Ramkrishna Purohit HR Manager @ Adani Hazira Port

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