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Design + Build a Digital Twin to Improve Smart Port Performance

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Presented by Ericsson in partnership with Port Technology International

Design + Build a digital twin to improve smart port performance


As ports and their supply chain partners digitalize business operations, digital twins are a useful tool for visualizing and understanding complex systems and processes within one integrated model. Ports often start with creating 3D site models that incorporate maps (GIS) and facilities data to help with the planning and development of construction and maintenance projects. These virtual representations of the port site can then be augmented with live sensor and video data to establish digital twins with real-time situational awareness. Furthermore, digital twins that continuously intake real-time data can start to predict emergent issues such as congestion, security threats, heightened energy consumption or network utilization, and automatically respond to them before the problems become critical.

To learn how ports and industry partners are putting this into practice today, join our webinar with leading experts from Massport, Ericsson, Hexagon, and Fresh Consulting.

Webinar Format

This will be a 60-minute webinar with a roundtable, presentation and Q&A session.

The webinar will be available to watch On-Demand for those unable to attend the live event.


Mark Ricketson, Program Manager at Massport


Mark Ricketson is the Program Manager for the Design Technologies Integration Group (DTIG) in Massport’s Department of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs. His group manages all BIM, CAD, GIS and Asset Management requirements for Massport. He is part of a team that are exploring and implementing Digital Twins at Massport. Prior to joining Massport in October 2018 he was a Project Director of Aviation Geospatial Services for a consulting firm where he managed several large aviation geospatial projects including San Francisco International, Atlanta Hartsfield and Raleigh Durham. Mr. Ricketson has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design and a Masters in Regional Planning both from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has over 25 years of experience in the aviation community and has managed and worked on a variety of aviation projects at commercial airports, the FAA and the Department of Defense.

Rong Du, Concepts Researcher, Concepts at Ericsson


Dr. Rong Du currently works as a researcher at Ericsson. He works on concept development and network performance for 5G with a focus on the Internet of Things and industrial applications of 5G. Du holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Ahsan Mahmood, Researcher, Concepts at Ericsson


Dr. Ahsan Mahmood is a researcher at Ericsson. He works on radio network deployment and performance evaluation for 5G with a particular focus on cellular Internet of Things and 5G for industries. Mahmood holds a Ph.D. in electrical, electronics and communications engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy.

Gunther Auer, Researcher, Concepts Ericsson


Dr. Gunther Auer currently works as a researcher at Ericsson. His research interests include new concepts and performance evaluations of radio-access networks in realistic environments, including heterogeneous networks, indoor environments and high-capacity venues such as stadiums. Auer holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Edinburgh in the UK.

Dr. Steve Elmore, Business Development Managing Director, Fresh Consulting


Dr. Steve Elmore is Managing Director at Fresh Consulting, Inc., a Seattle-based innovation consulting firm. He is a respected technology leader and trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest enterprises. His background includes AI/ML, big data, social enterprise, large systems integration, and software development. He holds a doctorate in Organizational and Leadership Ethics and is an alumnus of the Learning Innovation Lab (LILA) at the Harvard School of Education. He has served on the faculty of several universities, is a published author, and has been featured in the Journal of Leadership Studies. Steve lives in Austin, TX.

Dirk Wagemans, SVP, Commercial and Global Google Business, Hexagon


Dirk Wagemans is the vice president for business development and Google services for Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division. He joined Hexagon in 2012, helping to drive geospatial software sales growth in Europe, India, and Japan and served as vice president for geospatial software in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining Hexagon, he worked in the health, services, and energy sectors. He began his career in diplomacy. Wagemans holds degrees in history, international politics, geography, and management.

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