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End-to-End Supply Chain: The Real Value of Port Digitization

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End-to-End Supply Chain: The Real Value of Port Digitization


The Supply Chain has made major advancements and invested heavily in technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things.  

Ports sit at the centre of this revolution, as they are the Supply Chain’s largest hub for data and where said data can be used to create real-time, actionable insights. However, questions arise around process and priorities, such as what analytical capabilities does a port need to provide to stakeholders, who needs what data and when? 

It also asks broader questions, including who the stakeholders are and what infrastructure still needs to be built in order to make the port an enabler of digital innovation and End-to-End Supply Chain collaboration. Essentially asking, what is the value of port digitization? 

When done in the right way, it improves predictability and planning, and consequently a greater, more efficient flow of goods. In this webinar we will discuss how ports can help transform the Supply Chain into a hub of digital collaboration and innovation.  Topics for discussion include:  

  • How ‘visible’ is today’s End-to-End Supply Chain? 
  • How can ports help bridge gaps between Supply Chain stakeholders? 
  • How do Port Community Systems contribute to creating a digital ecosystem in ports?  
  • Will the recent pandemic make the End-to-End Supply Chain more collaborative and therefore, visible?  


Wolfgang Lehmacher, WEF Expert, World Economic Forum Network

Confirmed Speakers:

Robert Hambleton, Managing DirectorSOCAR Terminal  

Gadi Benmoshe, CIOIsrael Ports Company 

Martijn Thijsen, Digital StrategyPort of Rotterdam 

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    Robert Hambleton

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    Gadi Benmoshe

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    Wolfgang Lehmacher

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    Martijn Thijsen

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