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How to Innovate for Workplace Safety in Ports and Terminals

About this event

Presented by International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) in partnership with Port Technology International


Join us for a FREE webinar and hear from terminal operators and workplace safety innovation providers on how to improve your safety performance through innovation.  

There are new approaches to safety using both high and low technology being employed by the cargo supply chain today, this roundtable webinar will look at what is available now, what is approaching and how you can innovate to succeed.

​​​​​​​Explore with us the range and types of safety innovation available to make your organisation more sustainable and help your people go home from work in the same condition that they arrived.

Benefits of attending:

  • What it takes to make that safety leap forward a success
  • How to bring people along with you and your innovation in safety
  • What safety innovation can be applied to
  • How to avoid costly missteps when trying to innovate
  • Why you can not afford to miss opportunities to get increasingly better at health and safety in your organisation
  • Where your next safety innovation leap could occur

Webinar Format

This will be a 60-minute webinar with a roundtable, presentation and Q&A session.

The webinar will be available to watch On-Demand for those unable to attend the live event.


Richard Steele

Chief Executive Officer, ICHCA International

Richard Steele is Chief Executive Officer at the International Cargo handling and Coordination Association – ICHCA. Reporting directly to the Board, Richard leads the organisation which provides a focal point to improve cargo handling throughout international supply chains. ICHCA also represents members, and the cargo handling industry, as a recognised non-government organisation at international bodies such as the International Maritime Organisation and UNECE and other agencies and regulatory bodies.

Richard is a safety and skills professional with a Masters in Training and Development who has been involved in the ports industry for over 21 years. Prior to ICHCA he was Chief Executive at Port Skills and Safety an organisation that he led for 11 years. Port Skills and Safety is the UK ports organisation with a remit to share best practice, develop safety guidance and standards and produce qualification frameworks. Before PSS, Richard was the senior Learning and Development Manager for Associated British Ports for 10 years. Prior to ports, he worked in the nuclear industry on safety and skills provision.

Mike Yarwood

Managing Director Loss Prevention, TT Club

Mike is the Managing Director for TT Club’s Loss Prevention Department. Mike joined TT Club in 2010 as a Claims Executive providing advice to transport operator Members globally, having previously held operation management roles within the logistics industry for 13 years. Previous roles incorporated full responsibility in terms of budget, legislative, operational and health and safety compliance, including being the nominated dangerous goods safety advisor.

Mike is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, a Technical Specialist Member of the Institute of Risk Management and a Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Mike continues to develop strategic relationships with key trade organisations including being a co-opted Member of FIATA’s advisory body legal matters group.

Rich McLoughlin

Head of Maritime Engagement – Safetytech Accelerator

As a marine professional for 23 years, Rich has contributed through the work of Lloyd’s Register to the compliance, assurance and performance of marine assets and, from commercial and strategic perspectives, provided focus on specific market segments and product offers. He is currently the Head of Maritime Engagement for the Safetytech Accelerator with the objective to encourage wider adoption of technologies to improve safety and risk performance in maritime.

Evert Bulcke

CEO, Rombit

After tripling the development services revenues as a commercial lead, he led the development and marketing of wearable applications for worker health and safety. Today these products are marketed in logistics and industrial construction across the globe.

Previously Evert launched a few ventures (Volef, Luxury For Men, Red Bull Space, Beego), led the startup program at the City of Antwerp culminating in Antwerp being named World Startup City in 2015.

Evert holds MSc’s in Philosophy (Columbia University) and Communication (KULeuven). He teaches Entrepreneurship, is a contributing author for MIT Innovations and holds board positions at various startups.

Lee James

HSE Manager at DPWUK

Based at the Container Terminal in the Port of Southampton, I head up the HSE Team. I joined as a Safety Officer in 2007, completed my NEBOSH Diploma in 2012, and was subsequently promoted to the HSE Manager in January 2021. During my 18 year tenure I have seen a number of positive transitions, from a reduction of our HSE Risk Profile, to an improvement in HSE culture. I’ve had the fortunate to travel to numerous ports around the world, from Brazil to Australia and engage with a variety of wonderful people. I’m humble enough to acknowledge that I’ve taken as much from others, as I have given, and everyone I have met along the way, have helped develop me personally and professionally.

Being born and bred in Southampton, and more specifically the New Forest, I have a real affinity with the container terminal where I work. Our quay cranes absorb the city skyline and I’m proud to talk about what we do as a business and what my team and I do to help ensure the safety and welfare of everyone who comes to the Port and ensure the environment is not adversely impacted by our activities.

My sole professional goal is to be the best version of myself – to work hard, to provide technical, physical and emotional support and most importantly, empower others to take risks. That may sound strange coming from a HSE Professional, but when I say take risks, I mean be bold, challenge everything, get buy in from across the business and most importantly of all, believe everything is achievable. People are the one consistent thing in mine (and most) workplaces (they also cause some of the biggest headaches!), but that’s life and that’s what makes our profession so rewarding.

Steve Biggs

ITF Docker’s Section Senior Assistant

My name is Steve Biggs, and my current role is the ITF Docker’s Section Senior Assistant which I have been in since November 2020. Before that I was the Unite the Union Convenor in the Port of Southampton from January 2013 to November 2020. From 2018 to 2020 I was the Chair of the ITF Docker’s Section Occupational Safety and Health Working Group. In June 2021 I joined the ICHCA Technical Panel.

I started working as a Docker for Southampton Container Terminals in 1994 and became a Health and Safety Representative in 1998 and a Shop Steward in 2000.

I was a member of the Unite the Union team that worked as part of a tripartite group with PSS and the HSE to develop and publish Safety in Docks Approved Code of Practice in 2013-14. During my working life in the docks I was a lasher, straddle carrier driver and ship to shore crane driver.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    SB G
    Steve Biggs Senior Assistant @ ITF Docker’s Section

  • Guest speaker
    LJ G
    Lee James HSE Manager @ DPWUK

  • Guest speaker
    RM G
    Rich McLoughlin Head of Maritime Engagement @ Safetytech Accelerator

  • Team member
    Port Technology The PTI Team @ Port Technology International

  • Guest speaker
    EB G
    Evert Bulcke CEO @ Rombit

  • Guest speaker
    MY G
    Michael Yarwood Managing Director Loss Prevention @ TT Club

  • Guest speaker
    RS G
    Richard Steele Chief Executive Officer @ ICHCA International

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