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How to Upgrade your Terminal Operator’s Processes, Legacy Systems and Operations

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The resilience that container traffic showed during 2020 provides terminal operators a strong foundation for planning for the future. There are various ways existing terminals can upgrade their operations to meet the requirements of shipping lines and shippers 2022 and onwards. The key questions for terminals, especially for ones built 10-20 years ago is:

  • How to remain relevant in the future?
  • How to ensure that the investment already made will deliver the performance and capacity that is expected by the customers over the years to come?

Expand, revamp and retrofit

The choices made at the expansion of an existing terminal have a major impact on terminal’s performance, capacity and productivity for years, even decades, to come. Therefore, this webinar will address the strategic aspects of terminal expansion, for instance when adding a new yard section, berth, or additional equipment in existing space.

Upgrading existing systems to improve performance and to reap the benefits of the latest technologies and functionalities while re-using existing infrastructure is both efficient and sustainable. This webinar showcases how terminals can upgrade their processes, systems and operations by retrofitting and revamping their existing operations with automation and other functionalities that had not even been invented when the current systems were first delivered. The webinar will make a deep dive into upgrading of OCR systems and its impact on a terminal’s operation.

Upgrading Legacy Systems: A “How-to Guide”

Due to issues such as demands stemming from increasingly advanced technologies, the growing impact of increased vessel sizes and attendant container loads, a lack of physical space to store containers, and a desire to simplify complex IT landscapes, many terminals are looking to advance beyond legacy systems and streamline their processes. However, in our conservative industry, many roadblocks are standing in the way of meaningful progress when upgrading from legacy systems. These range from the practical IT challenges to the more human challenges that come. In this presentation, INFORM’s Matthew Wittemeier will walk you through their step-by-step “how-to guide” for upgrading legacy systems in ports and terminals.

Speakers include:

· Uno Bryfors, Senior Vice President, ABB Ports

· Michael McMinn, Vice President of Engineering, ABB Ports

· John Rosen, CTO, P5 Infrastructure

· Matthew Wittemeier, Senior Manager, International Marketing & Customer Relations, INFORM GmbH

· Rich Ceci, Sr Vice President Technology and Projects, Virginia International Terminals

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  • Guest speaker
    Beth Maundrill Editor @ Port Technology International

    Beth is the Head of Editorial at Port Technology International and is based in London. Beth has worked in business-to-business publishing since completing her degree in Politics and International Relations at Reading University in 2013. Before joining Port Technology International in 2019 she spent seven years in the aerospace and defence sector. She has experience covering international trade events, providing daily news coverage of industry developments and working in a multimedia environment.

  • Team member
    Port Technology The PTI Team @ Port Technology International

  • Guest speaker
    Rich Ceci Sr Vice President Technology and Projects @ Virginia International Terminals

    Rich Ceci joined VIT in May 2016 as Senior Vice President of Technology and Projects. He is currently responsible for both IT and major projects in the Port of Virginia. Rich recently completed a pair of projects valued at over $800M that added nearly 2M TEU of capacity to the port.

  • Guest speaker
    Uno Bryfors Senior Vice President @ ABB Ports

    Uno Bryfors, Senior Vice President of ABB Ports, is one of the most experienced professionals in the ports industry today. During his four decades long career at ABB and in the industry he has been a key person in driving the development of automation solutions for cargo handling starting from automatic grab ship unloader and automated yard operations to fully automated, integrated terminal operation. Uno Bryfors joined ABB as a Development Engineer after graduation with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Since then he has headed the R&D department, led the Crane Systems unit in Sweden, and is now responsible for ABB Ports business - from ship to gate.

  • Guest speaker
    Michael McMinn Vice President of Engineering @ ABB Ports

    Michael McMinn, Vice President of Engineering at ABB Ports, is heading the team responsible for development of imaging systems deploying Artificial Intelligence, image analytics and optical character recognition utilizing a range of vision technologies. He is based in San Diego, California at ABB Port’s unit that develops, designs and delivers container/vehicle identification and process automation solutions for container and intermodal terminals worldwide. Image analytics has been Michael’s passion throughout his career, and he has been developing systems and software from hyperspectral systems and robot guidance to OCR systems for decades. While earning his Mathematics Degree in the 1980s he also ran the development and training facilities for the University of Kentucky Imaging Consortium.

  • Guest speaker
    JOhn Rosen P5 Infrastructure @ CTO

    John has over 30 years experience in the ports and terminal industry. He has worked in terminal operations, and has also held positions in related business (including rail, trucking, and brokerage). For most of his career, John has worked as a technology supplier in the terminal space, and has experience in deployment of systems worldwide.

  • Guest speaker
    Matthew Wittemeier Senior Manager International Marketing and Customer Relations @ INFORM

    Matthew Wittemeier is responsible for Marketing at INFORM's Logistics Division where he has become a thought-provoking contributor to many industry publications and conferences. He is co-author of the award winning 2038: A Smart Port Story – a story about the future of technology and the social challenges it may bring. Matthew is a member and judge at The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), the senior producer and host of the buzzITtalk podcast, as well as an award-winning designer.

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