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Lessons Learned Using Industrial Wireless Networks for Port Automation

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Presented by Three Group Solutions in partnership with Port Technology International

Lessons Learned Using Industrial Wireless Networks for Port Automation


The telecoms and IT industry paints a rosy picture of what can be accomplished with private 5G (or 4G) networks. Three Group Solutions has hands on experience in designing, building and managing industrial wireless networks in complex port environments and will be sharing technical and strategic tips with honest insight into lessons learned – both good and bad.

During this session, we’ll dive into detail on how to connect port operations, identifying the applications that make most sense to focus on now with the technology that’s available.

As part of CK Hutchison Holdings, Three Group Solutions offers a unique perspective from working closely with Hutchison Ports, CK Hutchison’s 11 mobile operators, and additional port clients. Don’t miss this opportunity to put your questions about connectivity and automation to the team.

What to expect:

  • Find out what lessons Three Group Solutions has learned in designing, building and managing private networks at ports
  • Every port is different! Find out why out of the box should be out of the question
  • Learn the key considerations that can distinguish a successful automation project from a headache
  • Cut through the hype and beyond the buzz of AI and 5G to understand the most plausible use cases

Webinar Format

This will be a 60-minute webinar presentation and roundtable with Q&A.

The webinar will be available to watch On-Demand for those unable to attend the live event.


Nick Applegarth, Enterprise Product Manager at Three Group Solutions

Nick is a Global Product Manager for Three Group Solutions, responsible, amongst other things, for our Private Networks offer and ecosystem. In that capacity he works closely with Hutchison’s mobile operators around the world, as well as the Hutchison Ports organisation and other port customers to understand and anticipate their priorities for automation.

Nick will always say he’s the least technical Product Manager you’ll ever meet, but his focus is on what organisations use Private Networks for and he’s very well supported by a strong technical team.

Before Hutchison, Nick held senior regional leadership roles for telecommunications solution and software vendors including Lucent Technologies, Nuance Communications and Silver Peak.

A linguist by education and leaning (he has a BSc Honours degree in Russian and International Relations from the University of Surrey), Nick can find his way around, order drinks and say cheers in at least 7 languages.

Graham Wilde, Head of 5G Business Development at Three Group Solutions

Graham Wilde is Head of 5G Business Development at Three Group Solutions, a global telecoms unit of CK Hutchison. He is responsible for Private Network development coordination across the Hutchison Group of mobile operators. He also works closely with Hutchison Ports on digitisation and automation projects across the company’s ports in 27 countries.

Prior to joining Three Group Solutions, Graham was Managing Director at UK Broadband, a company which had been acquired by 3 UK, and operates private 4G networks at the Port of Felixstowe, Heathrow Airport and the Port of Immingham in the UK.

He is a regular speaker at conferences such as TM Forum, Mobile World Congress, and DSP World Forum.

His earlier career was spent at Logica UK (now CGI), Nortel Networks Hong Kong, and as an independent consultant in telecommunications. He has a bachelor’s degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford, UK. He once played the drums for the late Curtis Mayfield.

Barbara Balice, Radio Engineering Manager at CKH Innovations Opportunities Development

Barbara Balice is a Radio Engineer Manager at CKH Innovations Opportunities Development (CKH IOD), and for the past 22 years has been ensuring networks and devices work flawlessly across various technologies, from 3G to the cutting-edge 5G, with immutable passion and meticulous approach.

Barbara’s journey began with a deep dive into the intricate world of chipsets and device radio specifications and requirements, but her expertise soon expanded, leading her to manage the engineering team of Networks and Private Networks within CKH IOD. Barbara led the successful commercial launch of numerous technologies and, over time, her focus shifted towards optimising network performance, analysing budgets, and developing design and strategy for both consumer and private networks.

While Barbara may spend her days analysing technical specs and complex data, it’s bringing new technologies to life and the market that truly fuels her passion.

When she’s not behind a screen, she enjoys music, art, theatre, and staying active outdoors, be it running or cycling.

Brian Shillinglaw, 5G Business Development Manager at Three Group Solutions

Brian is a 5G Business Development manager with over 25 years of experience in telecommunication sales across multinational settings.   Brian has focused solely on private network business development for the past 5 years but has been involved in private networks of different types since the early 2000’s.  

Brian has previously worked for BT, Siemens, Nokia, Vodafone and a number of wireless startups and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fixed and wireless networks for both enterprise and service providers.  

When not stalking potential customers on LinkedIn or at trade fairs Brian enjoys playing squash (badly), motorbikes and watching rugby.

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