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Moving to the Cloud: Benefits of SaaS based Technology in Terminal Operations

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Demand for flexible, efficient and cost effective technology solutions in ports and terminals has never been higher. Terminals are increasingly looking towards new solutions like the cloud and a software as a service (SaaS) model to run their operations.

But why would a port or terminal make a leap to the cloud if on-premises solutions have been in use for many years? Other markets, including the financial sector and airline industry, have already made use of the cloud in their own operations and now it is the turn of the ports and terminals industry to make full use of the technology. Terminal systems in the cloud can offer cost control, easy upgradability, flexibility of use across multiple locations and higher cybersecurity than on premises solutions.

And the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects has brought about a significant shift in working conditions putting increased pressure for remote work and centralized planning, increasing the pace of change and the demand for cloud solutions.

Join Navis and others to learn:

· Why the demand for cloud solutions is growing in the maritime industry

· How an on-premise solutions can be transferred to the cloud and the benefits that can bring

· Best practices in managing cloud operations for security and reliability


Beth Maundrill, Editor, Port Technology International


Sumitha Sampath, Vice President of Cloud Operations, Navis LLC

Anna Blackstone, Customer Success Manager, Octopi by Navis

Jose María Real Valero, Senior Software Developer, Navis LLC

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    Benjamin Heather

  • Guest speaker
    Beth Maundrill Editor @ Port Technology International

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    Port Technology The PTI Team @ Port Technology International

  • Guest speaker
    Anna Blackstone Customer Success Manager at Octopi by Navis @ Navis

    Anna leads the Octopi Customer Success team. She is responsible for customer support and relationships. Her strong work ethic and incredible attention to detail ensures that our customers receive the highest level of support. She has worked both in the software industry and the steel industry which means she understands how things work on the cloud and on the ground. Before Octopi, she was a product development manager at Banyan Technology and a Sales Administration Specialist at Majestic Steel.

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    JG G
    Jennifer Grinold Sr. Director of Marketing @ Navis

  • Guest speaker
    Jose María Real Valero Senior Software Developer @ Navis

    Born and raised in Valencia I always felt amazed about the port of my city. I studied Computer Science Engineering and also I have a Master's Degree in Automation and Industrial Computing. I have been working in the container shipping industry for the last 8 years participating in green and brown field projects especially related to Gate and Crane automation integrating with different TOS. I moved to The Netherlands in 2017 when I joined Navis. Since then, I have been working as a Software developer and technical lead of the Compass project. In my spare time, I like travelling, going out with friends, doing handiwork at home and watching history documentaries on TV.

  • Guest speaker
    Sumitha Sampath VP Cloud Operations @ Navis

    Sumitha Sampath is the Vice President of Cloud Operations at Navis and has complete oversight of operational processes and decisions concerning all Navis SaaS solutions. She is passionate about the efficiencies that can be brought to business as a result of using Cloud, AIML and other modern technology. She is a firm believer in the opportunities that can be unleashed by secure data sharing and data standardization. She was part of the Navis Strategy team charting out the vision to make 'Global Trade Smarter, Safe and more sustainable for everyone'. Sumitha has an ideal mix of Strategy and Execution, Technology, TOS, Carrier Systems expertise and solid business management experience. Sumitha holds a Masters in Computers and another Masters in Business Administration.

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