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Providing Real Time, Digital Information with Port Community Systems (PCS)

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PCS is the digital platform that enables networking between the public, private agents and entities involved in the ship and cargo services offered by ports, and its’ main function is to digitize port operations. 

In this PTI webinar, Valenciaport and others will talk us through how they have arranged a single-entry platform of data in their port for both business-to-government and business-to-business messages. You will hear how Valenciaport and other Ports have increased efficiency by building a digital ecosystem for stakeholders to exchange data. IPCSA will discuss how the association and its members have created a Network of Networks where PCS is much more than a digital platform for port clients in order to remain competitive.

During the COVID-19 crisis, port community systems, single window and other electronic exchange platforms have been critical elements of the digital infrastructure for the supply chain, including sea and airports, trade facilitation and cross border logistical and administrative/regulatory processes. During the COVID-19 crisis five million messages a month, on average, were transferred through ValenciaportPCS and allowed the business to run under normal standards. 

In this session you will hear presentations from both Valenciaport & IPCSA, followed by a panel session including the Port of Antwerp and dbh, Bremen where they will discuss PCS standards and customs.  


Hans Rook, Chairman, International Port Community System Association

Speakers providing presentations:

Mar Chao Lopez, Chief Commercial & Business Development Officer, Valencia Port Authority

Richard Morton, Secretary General, International Port Community System Association

Panellists joining for the Q&A session:

Nico De Cauwer, Chairperson of IPCSA Standards Committee & Business Architect Digitalisation, Port of Antwerp

Uwe Liebschner, Chairperson of IPCSA Customs Committee; Bremen Consultant Customs & Foreign Tradedbh Logistics IT AG

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    Port Technology The PTI Team @ Port Technology International

  • Guest speaker
    Richard Morton Secretary General @ IPCSA

  • Guest speaker
    Hans Rook Chairman @ IPCSA

  • Guest speaker
    Uwe Liebschner Chairperson of IPCSA Customs Committee; Bremen Consultant Customs & Foreign Trade @ dbh Logistics IT AG

  • Guest speaker
    Mar Chao CCO @ Port Authority of Valencia

  • Guest speaker
    Nico De Cauwer Chairperson of IPCSA Standards Committee & Business Architect Digitalisation @ Port of Antwerp

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