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Power Almanac invites you to their event

Ask Me Anything - How to Generate Public Sector Leads with Cold Outreach

About this event

Are you looking for a winning strategy to bring more government leads and opportunities into your sales process?

Cold outreach done right will jumpstart your pipeline.

Join our "Ask Me Anything" webinar and learn from the public sector biz dev gurus at Kensington Sales Group!

With experience in generating tens of millions in pipeline, this team will teach you:

  • How to target the right public sector prospects
  • Where to find reliable government contact information
  • How to develop effective cadences that include phone and email touches
  • How to ask officials qualifying questions naturally
  • How to nurture prospects that aren't ready right now

The amazing KSG team has decided to give away the playbook that they usually reserve for their clients.

Get the strategies you need today to make public sector cold outreach work for you!

Presenters: Evan Bender, VP - Sales Operations KSG and Mike Dombo, President KSG

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  • Guest speaker
    Evan Bender VP, Sales Operations @ Kensington Sales Group

    Evan is known for getting his clients into the right conversations. He gets the job done by tirelessly improving outreach messaging and tactics. Never satisfied with "good enough," Evan will test and learns his way to meeting your lead generation goals.

  • Team member
    Steve Machesney Director of Marketing @ Power Almanac

    I'm a 3-time Power Almanac subscriber and former marketing leader that successfully added a lot of local government pipeline. I tried a lot of ways to build local gov prospect lists (unsuccessfully) until I found Power Almanac. Now I want to help you prospect local governments with confidence.

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Dombo President @ Kensington Sales Group

    Kensington Sales Group was founded in 2016 to provide lead generation services exclusively to companies that sell to the Public Sector.

Power Almanac

Prospect Local Government with Confidence

Power Almanac is the #1 source of local government decision maker contact information. Unlike typical list providers, we verify our records by calling each government every 90 days. We then distill 1,000's of titles down into a set of key decision-making roles.