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Data Privacy Regulations: Why Mobile Security Is Key To Organisations Compliance

À propos de cet événement

Mobility has changed the way we access information. Nowadays, corporate and personal data are widely processed through smartphones and tablets, therefore increasingly exposed to potential leakage.

Data privacy laws like the GDPR (EU), DSP2 (EU), FTC ACT (USA), PIPEDA (Canada) etc, require strong data protection policies from companies, holding them accountable in case of data theft or leakage.

In order to comply with various regulations, organisations have to implement solutions that will secure their entire mobile environment: devices, applications, processed data...

During this webinar, Alicja will focus on:

  • The main data privacy regulations and their requirements
  • How enterprise mobility exposes data and endangers compliance
  • The consequences of a data breach
  • The steps to properly secure your mobile environment


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