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Pegasus: Understanding its Modus Operandi to better fight it

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The current resurgence of the Pegasus spyware is shedding light on a fundamental problematic raised for years by mobile devices: How private mobile data can be?

The Pegasus Project has revealed that 50.000 people have been directly hit by the spyware, but the stolen information also involve everyone connected to the victims. Sometimes, it is just easier to reach a target through its network, and that’s also what Pegasus does.

While Android and iOS operating systems are developed taking mobile security into account, with such a spyware, the NSO group demonstrates that standard mobile OS safeguards are not reliable enough to keep users’ data safe, bringing to the fore the necessity to add an extra layer of security to all mobile devices.

In this webinar presented by Giovanni Cicero, Technical support lead at Pradeo, you will find:

  • Pegasus, modus operandi
  • Our analysis and key learning points
  • A tool to measure your level of exposure to Pegasus
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Global mobile security tips


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