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Securing mobile devices | EDR vs Mobile Threat Defense

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The number of cyber threats targeting smartphone and tablet fleets has greatly increased over the past year.

Today, many EDR solutions (Endpoint Detection & Response), initially conceived to secure computers, are extending their offers to smartphones to protect the whole computing and mobile environment.

But mobile threats are so diverse and volatile that they require a specific expertise and cannot be thwarted with all-in-one solutions. Inevitably, when EDR is used to protect all endpoints without distinction, it creates a security gap at the mobile level.

Gartner’s analysts advise: “To face emerging endpoint security challenges, security and risk management leaders must combine functionality from EPP, EDR and MTD in a unified endpoint security approach.”

In this webinar, Giovanni Cicero, Technical lead support at Pradeo will discuss:

  • The functionalities required to efficiently protect your mobile fleet
  • The main differences between EDR and Mobile Threat Defense
  • What Pradeo brings to the table


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Pradeo is a global mobile security leader.

It offers solutions to protect mobile applications and devices.

The technology Pradeo Security is recognized as one of the most accurate of the market by Gartner, IDC, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan.