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Recovery Trends: How hotels can use smart data to predict booking demand

About this event

Demand patterns have changed over the last 18 months for the travel industry, especially for hotels. It has become increasingly hard to predict demand and companies are no longer able to rely on historical data to predict the future. PredictHQ, an intelligent event data company, recently launched a Demand Impact Report for hoteliers that analyzes millions of data points from hundreds of sources to provide:

  • The most accurate picture of the upcoming year with data
  • Key US cities and their recovery trends
  • Upcoming major events that will drive thousands of accommodation customers into major US cities
  • How to use this information to align your pricing and packaging strategies to make the most of available demand

This 45-minute session is hosted by two data experts:

Stephanie Bouic, Customer Success Manager, PredictHQ

Hannah Babineau, International Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Data AppealĀ 

Stephanie and Hannah will cover how and why hotels should be shifting short- and long-term strategies to include external data to properly adjust for the recovery of demand and how to take advantage of pent-up demand. This webinar provides:

  • An exclusive look at never before seen data not included in the report
  • Exploration of how different states and countries are recovering at different rates and what this means for domestic and international travel
  • Insight into how major hotel chains use this data to optimize their pricing and staffing strategies

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  • Guest speaker
    HB G
    Hannah Babineau International Marketing & Partnerships Manager @ Data Appeal

  • Team member
    Stephanie Bouic Customer Success Manager @ PredictHQ


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