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Blockchain is widely considered to be a once-in-a-generation revolutionary technology. Blockchain is all set to make the industry more transparent. As reported by Forbes, blockchain implementation will facilitate more intelligent business processes, as trust would be distributed, and processes would be truly transparent. Blockchain will transform the textile and apparel industry with transparency - from farming to finished garments. In a world full of smart technologies, every manufacturer, supplier, retailer, and even shopper demands transparency. Every single person associated with your brand wants to know your story. Today’s millennials are more aware than ever. Consumers can make or break any brand. And consumers are demanding transparency and sustainability to continue with brands. Blockchain has increased transparency not only within the supply chain, as well as between a brand and its consumers.

A special thanks to the super-team of Superstudio Piu who hosted us for the Smart Talks!


Première Vision

Global Events for Fashion Professionals

All year long, PV brings together the 6 major industries supplying creative materials and services to the global fashion industry/ Yarns, Fabrics, Leathers, Designs, Accessories & Manufacturing, and invites you to enjoy an exclusive program of digital talks with key international speakers.