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Workshop: Build your language study plan (and stick to it)

About this event

Remember a few weeks ago when you set your New Year’s resolutions, and promised this year you’ll truly stick to them?

Setting goals is exciting, but when it comes to staying committed things can get a little overwhelming. The answer? An achievable game plan! 💪

Set yourself up for success with this workshop, where Lindie Botes—multilingual YouTuber and language coach—will help you map your path to making real language learning progress. By the end of this workshop you’ll have crafted your own simple learning plan using the 3 C’s of Effective Learning, and be ready to put it into action.

We’ll cover:

  • How to set realistic but motivating goals
  • How to measure your results and experience progress
  • How to learn in entertaining ways that are highly personal to you

Register for this free workshop and save yourself hours of planning. The number of spaces is limited, so make sure you sign up with enough time to secure your spot.

Learn from someone who knows the language-learning experience inside out — and make 2022 the year where learning a language changes your life!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Lindie Botes Language coach, YouTuber and designer

    Lindie Botes is a language coach and product designer who speaks 8 languages. She is currently building a language app Kaards.io, blogging at lindiebotes.com, and mentoring learners through techniques and mindsets to successfully learn multiple languages.

  • Team member
    Sylvia Johnson Head of Methodology @ Preply

    I have over 15 years of experience in the TEFL field. As an expert in blended learning, I specialize in virtual development including content, methodology, and tutor training.


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