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Full Disk Encryption : important features and main tips to know

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Until about a few years ago, organisations cybersecurity processes were relatively simple because data and applications were hosted on premise, on their own servers.

According to the "fortress" model, it was sufficient to build “walls” to protect the information system of an organisation.

With the rise of cloud storage and home working, data are now outside the fortified castle and organisations have to manage workstations fleets that are increasingly composed of laptops.

Full disk encryption is a perfect solution to protect sensitive data stored on laptops of your employees travelling or commuting.

Nowadays, it’s a fundamental of data confidentiality solution.

As a CISO, CIO or other an expert of cybersecurity, during this express Webinar of only 30mn, you will have insights from our experts on full disk encryption, but also practical tips to choose the right solution and to manage this type of projects.

Our experts have advised hundreds public and private organisations from all sectors and are very serious when talking about trustworthiness or simplicity and efficiency of deployment.

There will be a session of Q&A and the opportunity to access very special content with the interview of an IT architect at a very renowned company at the end of the webinar. 

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PRIM'X brings a new way to apply encryption within companies and administrations for a better protection of sensitive data against loss, theft, disclosure, and economic espionage.