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Meet the AutoMates | The incredible power automation grants you and how to leverage it in e-commerce

AutoMates explain why automation is the straightest path to profitable growth and how you can make the most out of it in your e-commerce game. 6 sessions from seasoned professionals illustrating how you can automate inefficient processes and tasks and how doing so will help you stand out in the e-commerce crowd.

6 PM (UTC +3) Chris Lavoie, Tech Partnerships Lead | Gorgias | Balancing Personalization & Automation is the Key to Exceptional CX

  • How to balance automation with personalization & no more manual replies to 'WISMO'
  • How first response times increase conversions, retention, and customer LTV
  • How to scale personalized communication with your customers

6:20 PM (UTC+3) Valentin Radu, CEO | Omniconvert | 15 Tactics to Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value

  • Why Customer Acquisition without Retention is wasting money
  • Why Customer Lifetime Value should be your priority and what to do to increase it [Practical CVO Tactics]
  • Quick wins and groundbreaking strategies that will elevate your business to the next level, from Customer Segmentation to Product Assortment Optimization to Retention

6:40 PM (UTC+3) George Moser, Manager of Customer Success NA | Omnisend | Email Automation Flows to Increase Ecommerce Revenue

  • Review of what email automation means
  • Automated email flows you should focus on to supercharge your revenue
  • How using email automation will give you time to focus on strategy and your core business

7 PM (UTC+3) Burç Tanır, CEO | Prisync | Surviving the Unavoidable Price Competition in the Dynamic E-commerce Environment

  • What to consider when choosing which automation to invest in
  • Why pricing automation is a necessity in the ultra-competitive and dynamic e-commerce environment
  • How a data collection and repricing system delivered 38x ROI and how you can build one

7:20 PM (UTC+3) Shakima Franklin, Senior Solutions Specialist | Refersion | Optimize Your Brand’s Affiliate Marketing Strategy by Automating Attribution

  • Why you should be tracking all of your affiliate marketing data in one place
  • How automating attribution will help you optimize your highest-performing marketing channels
  • How the right performance marketing platform can help remove the guesswork

7:40 PM (UTC+3) Kevin Marviac, Head of Strategic Partnerships | Shipbob | Leveraging Automation to Expand Fulfillment Capacity

  • Exceed 2-day delivery expectations
  • Fulfill faster and more affordably
  • Reduce cart abandonment and increase AOV
  • Scale up and down easily (even internationally)

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    Burc Tanir


Competitor Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing Software

Prisync is a competitor price tracking & dynamic pricing software for all sizes of e-commerce companies from all around the world. It tracks online prices and stock availabilities and lets e-commerce companies define smart pricing rules depending on their unit product costs and competitor prices.